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Christmas Spending by the Numbers 2012

Tis the season to be shopping. Spending on Christmas, including just the month of December is expected to top $400 billion dollars. The average family budget for Christmas has been fairly steady over the last five years (the highest level was in 2007 ($755.13) and the lowest was 2009 ($681.83). Always at the top of everyone’s wish list: gift cards. Here is a look at Christmas spending by the numbers:

Average family budget 2012: $749.51
Average family budget 2011: $740.57
Average spending per child: $271

Holiday spending per category:
Gifts: $548.56
Food and Candy: $100.76
Decorations: $51.99
Greeting cards: $28.66
Flowers: $19.55

Holiday spending per gift recipient:
Family: $421.82
Friends: 75.13
Co-workers: $23.48
Other: $28.13

Most requested gifts for Christmas:
Gift Cards: 59.8%
Clothing: 49.1%
Books, CD, DVDs, Video Games: 45.7%
Electronics: 35.8%
Jewelry: 24%
Home Decor: 20.2%
Sporting Goods: 17.4%

Popular shopping trends:
Self-gifting: 59%
Shopping online for gifts: 51.8%
Shopping for sales: 46.4%
Using mobile devices to research products: 32.9%
Using coupons: 35.9%
Buying more practical gifts: 27.2%

Other interesting statistics (2011):
Average cost of Christmas tree: $42
Worldwide spending on Christmas wrapping paper: $2.6 billion
Percentage of shoppers that begin Christmas shopping before Halloween: 38.9%
Percentage of shoppers that wait until last two weeks: 4.1%
Percentage of shoppers that will shop online: 46.7%
Average age of online shopper: 25-34 years old
Percentage of adults who believed in Santa when they were kids: 86%
Percentage of kids who believed in Santa past the age of 10: 15%

For further reading: http://vizualarchive.com/2012/how-much-do-americans-spend-on-christmas-2012/


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