Movies of the 2000s

No publisher covers the world of cinema and art like Taschen. Since 1980, Taschen (founded by Benedikt Taschen in Cologne, Germany) has been dedicated to publishing beautiful, high quality, and large format books at affordable prices. Their mainstream titles on fine arts, graphic design, architecture, fashion design and film are some of the most successful titles compared with their lesser known provocative and  prurient titles. Taschen is well known for recently publishing one of the most expensive books in publishing history — GOAT (Greatest of All Time) — a massive book honoring the massive ego of American boxer Muhammad Ali. Weighing in at 75 pounds, this lavish 700 page book sets you back a whopping $15,000 (apparently for founder Benedikt Taschen “affordable” is a relative term). This book, like other notable Taschen books, shatters the conventional boundary of what constitutes a book: in the world of Taschen, the book IS the art. GOAT could easily find a home in a museum or a library.

Fortunately film aficionados don’t need to pony up that kind of dough to have access to books that offer a comprehensive catalog of cinema’s greatest films. Jurgen Muller, chair for art history at the University of Dredan, has been the editor for Taschen’s Movies-by-the-decade series since 2001. The series now consists of 8 volumes beginning with the Movies of the 20s and ends with the recently published, Movies of the 2000s.

Each volume is beautifully designed and contains entries for every major movie made in that particular decade. Each film entry is about 6 pages and contains film credits, production stills that capture the essence of the film, short commentaries and biographies, excerpts from noteworthy reviews, and best of all — memorable film quotations. Cinema aficionados will devour the book — however most likely not in one sitting. Movies of the 2000s covers slightly over 100 films in 864 pages (it weighs about six pounds.) Settle in and bring plenty of popcorn.

Movies of the 2000s edited by Jurgen Muller, Taschen (2012).

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