Towns Named After Authors

If you have traveled Route 66 (also known as the Will Rogers Highway of Main Street of America) and wanted to venture on a more literature-inspired adventure, you can thank (a bibliophile’s best source for used, rare, and collectible books) for creating a list of America’s literary-named towns. Your trip begins in the North East in Whitman, MA and ends up in the West in either Esmeralda, NV or Othello, WA. was launched in 1996 by four booksellers listing books available at only 4 bookstores, listing a few thousand titles. After being acquired and making several investments and acquisitions over a period of 12 years, the site was purchased by Amazon. The site now lists more than 100 million books from more than 12,800 booksellers from 57 countries.

When you discover the real source of some of these towns, you will learn that they were not necessarily named after significant authors or works. However, their inclusion is justified on some level since they evoke authors and their works, and books in general. Members of the AbeBooks community — who live and breathe all things literary — have been quick to point some glaring omissions, such as Hawthorne, CA; Port Byron, NY; Iliad, Montana; Walden, NY to name a few. What else did they miss?

Bardstown, KY
Beckett, NJ
Beecher, IL
Booker, TX
Dickens, TX
Esmeralda, NV
Faulkner, AR
Fitzgerald, GA
Gilt Edge, TN
Hedwig Village, TX
Hemingway, SC
Huxley, IA
Ivanhoe, VA
Koontz Lake, IN
Melville, NY
Orwell, VT
Othello, WA
Page, AZ
Pagedale, MO
Pageland, SC
Reading, PA
Readington, NJ
Readlyn, IA
Readsboro, VT
Romeo, CO
Sleepy Hollow, NY
Ulysses, KS
Wharton, NJ
Whitman, MA
Winnie, TX

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