The Most Googled Men

The list of the most googled men in 2012 includes two actors, a singing group, a daredevil, an athlete, and a war criminal:
Michael Clarke Duncan
One Direction
Felix Baumgartner
Jeremy Lin
Morgan Freeman
Joseph Kroy

The list of the most googled men in 2011 includes 9 musicians and a president. Whether it is just females or females and men googling men, web surfers are definitely fond of their singers, especially ones who have adopted unique names or mononyms (single names) following in the tradition of such luminaries as Voltaire and Moliere. Similar to the women’s list, the list is notably absent of leaders in the world of science, medicine, education, literature, sports, and philanthropy (with the exception of Jackson and Obama). Interestingly, the list of most googled men in 2010 included several sports stars. And like their female counterparts, bad behavior is almost a requisite for inclusion in the men’s list: some of them boast impressive rap sheets, landing on the dubious list of the most arrested celebrities. Unlike the women’s list, this list includes a recently deceased individual, Michael Jackson, whose life was fodder for the vulturous tabloids. Despite his death, his life and work continue to be an eternal wellspring of interest and curiosity. Also unlike the list of most googled women, which is far more eclectic in terms of represented careers, this list is amazingly homogenous: with one obvious exception, these are all successful musicians — some who have successfully dabbled in the film industry. Perhaps President Obama can take pride in breaking into this pantheon of hip and cool musicians. It makes you wonder what the country would be like if he appointed them to his cabinet. Certainly, watching CNN would never be the same. 

Michael Jackson
Justin Bieber
Chris Brown
Bruno Mars
50 Cent
Barack Obama
Lil Wayne

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