The Most Googled Women

The list of the most googled women in 2012 include three recording artists, a member of the royal family, and a canadian student who committed suicide as a result of cyber-bullying:
Whitney Houston
Kate Middleton
Amanda Todd
Donna Summer

Perhaps people (mostly men, especially prurient adolescents) who google the fairer sex tend to believe that beauty is skin deep. The top ten list of most googled women in 2011 include models, actresses, singers and reality stars; however notably absent from the list are any pioneers in the world of science, medicine, education, literature, politics, sports, and philanthropy. It could be said that list is composed of women that define the contemporary ideal of female beauty; nevertheless, the list is undeniably a snapshot of pop culture. It begs the question if they will be remembered by a future generation. Certainly, most of the women in the list endorse an ethos of narcissism and self-promotion that has made them wildly successful — and wealthy. Apparently the key to breaking into the top ten list does not require intelligent discourse or contribution to society, but rather posting titillating and alluring photos that would not offend PG13 and R sensibilities; extra points for really bad behavior. The list is also an interesting contrast to the list of the most googled men (read related post).

Jessica Michibata
Rhona Mitra
Kim Kardashian
Katy Perry
Eliza Dushku
Gisele Bundchen
Adriana Lima
Jessica Simpson
Emma Heming

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