Obscure Olympic Sports

Every four years, millions of viewers tune in to watch the world greatest athletes compete in the Olympics. Several Olympic sports are considered marquee events, attracting huge audiences — for example, track and field events, gymnastics, and swimming. This year 200,ooo fans tried to get tickets to watch the 100-meter dash, but only 80,000 were lucky enough to watch the competition for the fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt captured the gold). Some Olympic events are not as well known and do not capture prime-time coverage, and sadly do not lead to lucrative endorsement deals for their winners. Some sports have been introduced and quickly disappeared (eg, cricket, croquet, tug-of-war) Despite their obscurity, each sport does have its loyal fans. Here is a list of lesser-known Olympic events:

Canoe Slalom
Equestrian Eventing
Equestrian Jumping
Pentathlon–pistol shooting, fencing, 200-m freestyle swimming, show jumping, 3-km cross country run
Ping Pong
Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis

For further reading: www.squidoo.com/obscureolympics. http://msn.foxsports.com/olympics/triathlon/lists/olympics-obscure-sports-to-follow/#tab=photo-title=Spotlight+sport&photo=30893626

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