Learning Morality Through the Holocaust

alex atkins bookshelf educationOver the past ten years, the FBI has trained and graduated about 1,000 new special agents each year. During their 20-week intensive training, they engage in a rigorous moral and ethical leadership program — a total of 21 hours in their curriculum — to get a profound sense of right and wrong. All new agents must visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum located in Washington, D.C. to ask critical questions about personal morals, values, compassion, the Constitution and the law. Special Agent Douglas Merel, who teaches ethical leadership explains: “It makes our people think about morality, ethics, and how to maintain those during turbulent times. It shows how important it is for law enforcement to maintain their core values.” Marcus Appelbaum who coordinates the museum’s outreach programs adds: “It’s really our hope that the law enforcement officers who come to the museum see this program, see this history, and really reflect on their professional core values and their role in society today.” 

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