Halloween by the Numbers

It is one of the most anticipated holidays in America. On Halloween eve, hordes of scary — but friendly — vampires, goblins, superheroes and other creatures go from door to door, pleading for candy. This orderly procession, replicated in every town across the country, reflects America’s great affection for dressing up and gobbling up candy. According to the National Retail Federation, this year 71.5% of Americans (about 120 million out of 168 million adults) will participate in celebrating Halloween –spending a terrifying $8 billion. Reviewing the numbers behind Halloween might be just as scary as seeing a Jersey Shore character costume at your doorstep:

Amount spent on candy: $2.3 billion
Amount spent on costumes for adults: $1.21 billion
Amount spent of costumes for children: $1 billion

Percentage of adults that will hand out candy: 73.5%
Percentage that will decorate their yards: 49.5%
Percentage that will carve a pumpkin: 47.8%
Percentage to wear a costume: 45%
Percentage that will attend a party: 36%
Percentage that will dress up their pet: 15%

Number of calories in a pumpkin filled with candy: 9,000
Pounds of sugar in a pumpkin filled with candy: 3 pounds
Average number of calories that trick-or-treaters eat on Halloween: 3,500 to 7,000

Most popular adult costume: witches, vampires, pirates, Batman, zombies, and vixens
Most popular child costume: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, princesses, witches, and vampires
Number of adults dressing up: 76 million
Numbers of children dressing up: 64 million

For further reading: http://useconomy.about.com/od/demand/f/Halloween-Retail-Spending-Trends.htm

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