Bond Girls and Villains

James Bond has thrilled moviegoers on the big screen with a formula that hasn’t changed much in five decades: an exciting, edge-of-your-seat opening sequences followed by an artistic title sequence with a song performed by a well-known musical artist; far-fetched world domination plots; sinister villains; beautiful, sexy love interests (with particularly risqué names); cool spy gadgets; flirtatious banter with a secretary, several over-the-top action sequences, and lots of witty –and pun-laced — banter.

The inspiration for the “Bond girl” was author Ian Fleming’s real-life love interest, Muriel Wright, a model whom he met at a ski resort in 1935. Their love affair lasted nine years. Fleming described her as: “pliant and undemanding, beautiful but innocent, outdoorsy, physically tough, implicitly vulnerable and uncomplaining.” Wright was killed tragically during an air raid in March 1944.

Although Moneypenny is not necessarily a Bond girl, she is very attracted to Bond; there is the obligatory scene in each film where Bond and Moneypenny exchange flirtatious repartee. The films have never revealed her first name, although Bond has nicknamed her Penny. Her first name, Jane, only appears in a series of books spun off from the original Ian Fleming novels, titled The Moneypenny Diaries, written by Samantha Weinberg. In the newest film, Skyfall, Monneypenny’s first name is Eve.

The names of the villains and Bond girls are often as entertaining as the films themselves.

Dr. Julius No
Ernst Blofeld
Auric Goldfinger
Emilio Largo
Dr. Kananga
Francisco Scaramanga
Karl Stromberf
Hugo Drax
Aristotle Kristatos
General Orlov
Kamal Khan
Max Zorin
General Georgi Koskov
Franz Sanchez
Alec Terevelyan (Janus)
Elliot Carver
General Chang
Elektra King
Gustav Graves
Miranda Frost
Le Chiffre
Mr. White
Dominic Greene
General Medrano
Raoul Silva

Jane Moneypenny
Honey Ryder
Tatiana Romanova
Pussy Galore
Domino Derval
Kissy Suzuki
Teresa di Vicenzo
Tiffany Case
Solitaire (Simone Latrelle)
Mary Goodnight
Anya Amasova
Holly Goodhead
Melina Havelock
Stacey Sutton
Kara Milovy
Pam Bouvier
Natalya Simonova
Wai Lin
Christmas Jones
Giacinta Johnson
Vesper Lynd
Camille Montes

For further reading: wikipedia.

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