Extreme Survivors

In Extreme Survivors by Richard Happer, Bear Grylls, a well-known adventurer and survivalist, sets the stage for 60 amazing survival stories: “Having spent my life in so many dangerous and at times unforgiving terrains, I have learned that to come out the other side alive you have to find the spirit to keep going, whatever the cost. Each of these stories in this book tells of that same spirit in those who endures… These people show the enduring spirit for survival, adventure and for freedom.”

The book presents 60 fascinating survival stories divided into five sections: Survival (eg, The Long Walk Home, Alone in the Death Zone), Prison (Escape from Alcatraz); War (The Great Escape); Shipwrecks (The Life Raft), and Hostages (Six Years in Beirut). Each story is brief, 2-6 pages, but beautifully presented — packed with information: a summary of the feat, a detailed narrative, maps and photos, and testimonials from the key individuals. Many times, reading these incredible stories simply leaves you yearning for more information. Fortunately most of these incidents are notable enough that a book (and in many cases, a number of books) has been written about each of them. Indeed, the book is a fitting testimony to the strength of the human spirit, and its ability to transcend the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

For further reading: Extreme Survivors by Richard Happer, Skyhorse Publishing (2011).

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