Best-Selling Soundtracks

In some cases, a movie’s soundtrack becomes inextricably linked to the story and the actors — the music seems to define the film. Who can think of The Bodyguard and not hear Whitney Houston’s soaring rendition of  “I Will Always Love You” (written by country star Dolly Parton)? Or think of Saturday Night Fever and hear in one’s mind the distinctive falsetto harmonies of the Bee Gees? Indeed, the best soundtrack music is the one that is, essentially, a voice in the film. Of course, the most memorable songs instantly transport the listener to a specific period of time, evoking memories of youth and the fleeting joy of some craze or fad — that only in hindsight seems ridiculous. While some songs enhance and define a movie, some songs simply stand on their own and speak to many generations without the framework of a movie’s narrative. No matter how it is remembered, music is what makes films so enchanting — and so timeless. Below is a list of the top ten best-selling movie soundtracks, followed by year of release and domestic sales.

1. The Bodyguard (1992): 16 million
2. Purple Rain (1984): 13 million
3. Saturday Night Fever (1977): 11 million
4. Dirty Dancing (1987): 11 million
5. The Lion King (1994): 10 million
6. Grease (1978): 8 million
7. Footloose (1984): 8 million
8. Titanic (1997): 8 million
9. Top Gun (1986): 7 million
10. Waiting to Exhale (1996): 7 million

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