What is the Longest Movie?

atkins-bookshelf-moviesWhen reviewing the longest running times for movies, it is clear that Europeans have a much higher tolerance for being seated for unreasonable amounts of time, testing the stamina of most mortals. Some European films run as long as an entire day, like the German film, Heimat 2 with a running time of 25.5 hours. Theaters that show films this long should offer their patrons three square meals — not to mention free tubes of Preparation H.

Excluding European and experimental films, as well as movie marathons (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.) the American Movie Classics developed a list of the longest movies released in American theaters. The number of minutes is shown after each film.

1. Hamlet (1996) – 242 minutes
2. The Iceman Cometh – 239
3. Gods and Generals – 231
4.Once Upon a Time in America – 229
5. Lawrence of Arabia – 227
6. Gone With the Wind – 226
7. Heaven’s Gate – 220
8. Ben-Hur – 212
9. Exodus – 208
10. War and Peace – 208

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For further reading: http://blogs.amctv.com/movie-blog/2007/11/the-longest-ame-1.php

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