Countries That Spend the Most on Travel

atkins-bookshelf-triviaAs summer arrives, Americans pack up their bags and head for the nearest airport in search of relaxation, amusement, or adventure. According to the U.S. Travel Association, Americans travel for the following reasons (in order of priority): visiting friends and relatives; sightseeing; beaches or waterfronts; visiting zoos, aquariums, science museums; visiting national parks; visiting state parks; taking a cruise; visiting theme parks; visiting a city; and visiting a mountain area. Despite its enormous prosperity, the U.S. is not the biggest spender on travel. Together, the top ten countries that spend the most on travel and tourism spend almost half a trillion dollars each year:

1. Germany – $80.8 billion
2. United States – $73.1 billion
3. United Kingdom – $48.5 billion
4. China – $43.7 billion
5. France – $38.9 billion
6. Italy – $27.8 billion
7. Japan – $25.1 billion
8. Canada – $24.3 billion
9. Russia – $20.8 billion
10. Netherlands – $20.7 billion

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