Words for Collectors

atkins-bookshelf-wordsPaul Dickson, a prolific author of books on words, has been collecting words for decades. The most common form of describing a person who collects something specific is to say: “He is a stamp collector” or “She is a postcard collector.” But to a word collector and lover, like Dickson, what is the fun in that? Dickson, a self-confessed lexiconophilist, has even coined a term for the collection of collections: “philophily.” Unfortunately for Dickson, that word never made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. Below is a collection of some words that are indeed part of the English lexicon to describe different types of collectors, no matter how rare:

arctophile: teddy bears
bibliopegist: fine book bindings
bibliophilist: books
cartophile: baseball cards
coleopterist: beetles
conchologist: sea shells
copocelphilist: key rings
deltiologist: postcards
dipterist: flies
dologist: bird eggs
lepidopterist: butterflies and moths
lexiconophilist: dictionaries
notaphilist: banknotes
numismatist: coins and banknotes
oologist: bird eggs
philatelist: stamps
philographist: autographs
phillumenist: matchboxes or matchbook labels
phonophile: vinyl records
plangonologist: dolls
scripophilist: old bond and share certificates
tegestologist: beer coaster
vectorist: subway tokens
vexillologist: flags or banners

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For further reading: Words by Paul Dickson, Delacorte Press (1982)