Words Related to Drinking

atkins-bookshelf-wordsLexicographer Paul Dickson has been collecting words his entire life and he goes to great lengths to find interesting and rare words: “I confess that in the name of collecting I have labored through the pages of the driest scholarly publications… I have dug deeply into the trash barrels at the post office looking for odd catalogs.” While most people visit the local pub for a pint and a good tale, Dickson manages to, um, stumble upon esoteric words related to drinking. Here are a few words to impress your drinking pals, if they are sober enough to appreciate your expansive vocabulary.

Agrages (or coiffe): the metal cage that surrounds a champagne cork
Barm (or fob): the froth of a beer
Bibulous: overly fond of drinking alcohol
Billet: the thumb piece of a stein’s lid
Départ: the final taste of wine in your mouth
Nerver: (or liquid courage) a drink that gives someone courage
Oenology:  the science and art of wine making
Punt: the concave area at the bottom of a bottle
Stillion: the stand for a wine cask or beer keg
Weeper: a bottle that leaks through the cork
Worm: the curly part of a corkscrew

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For further reading: Words by Paul Dickson, Delacorte Press (1982)

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