Unusual Color Names

atkins-bookshelf-wordsWhen you walk into a paint store, you can always ask for basic — not to mention, boring — colors like white or beige, but it is far more entertaining to stump the employee behind the counter by requesting one of  the most unusual colors in the English language:

Bisque: light grayish brown
Bittersweet Orange: strong reddish orange
Cattleya: medium purple
Damask: grayish red
Jasper: blackish green
Orpiment: Golden yellow
Puce: dark cranberry red
Smalt: medium blue
Titian: brownish orange
Verdigris: yellowish green
Vermilion (or Vermillion): bright red-orange

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For further reading: When Blue Meant Yellow: How Colors Got Their Names by Jeanne Heifetz, Henry Holt & Co. (1994)

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