What Animal Lives the Longest?

atkins-bookshelf-triviaIn the animal kingdom, the life span of humans is quite unremarkable. Today, the average life expectancy for humans is 82.6 years. There are, of course, outliers like Jeanne Calment of Aries, France who holds the world record for oldest human being: an impressive 122 years (1875 to 1997). The long life expectancies of some animals (1,500 years!), however, leave Calment’s record in the dust (some even literally). And even more astonishing is the recently discovered jellyfish that has discovered the fountain of youth (or at least hides a portrait of itself in icy depths of the sea so that it doesn’t age). Below is a list of the animals with the longest life spans.

Tuatara (a lizard): 100-200 years
Warty Oreo: 140 years

Lake Sturgeon: 152 years
Geoduck (clam): 160 years
Lamellibrachia Tube Worm (deep sea creatures): 170 years
Red Sea Urchin: 200 years
Galapagos Tortoise: 200 years
Red Sea Urchin: 200 years
Rougheye Rockfish: 205 years
Bowhead or Arctic whale: 211 years
Ocean Quahog (clam): 400 years
Antarctic Sponge: 1,500 years

Turritopsis dohenii jellyfish: immortal
Yes you read that correctly — immortal. This amazing jellyfish has the ability to age in reverse. When it reaches its earliest stage of development, this jellyfish begins its life cycle anew. Scientists refer to this creature as the” immortal jellyfish,” or the “Benjamin Button jellyfish.”)

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For further reading: mnn.com/earth-matters/wilderness-resources/photos/10-animals-with-the-longest-life-spans/older-than-your

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