New Words Added to Dictionary – August 2014

atkins-bookshelf-wordsEach quarter, the editors of the authoritative Oxford English Dictionary (OED) publish a list of new words that are included in the ever-expanding online edition ( (In 2010, Oxford University Press announced that it would not publish a print version of the third edition of the OED. The last version, the 20-volume second edition of the OED, containing almost 300,000 words, was printed in 1989.) The editors of the OED are always catching up to their hip counterparts at U.S.-based Urban Dictionary ( Urban Dictionary, while not as venerated as the OED, does provide a valuable service: it consistently publishes definitions of new words as they naturally arise in print or the Internet. Because the entries are added by the site’s visitors, the online dictionary is ahead of just about every other dictionary (printed or online) — in many cases, by several years. Regardless of when words are officially recognized and defined, one can appreciate the tremendous influence that the triple-T (technology, texting, and teens) have on the English language. Below are some of the words that were recently included in Oxford’s online dictionary as of August 2014. WDYT?

Adorbs: A variation of adorable with same meaning: delightful or charming
Amazeballs: A variation of amazing
Binge-watch: watching multiple episodes of a television series in succession
Brick (verb): to permanently damage a smart phone by dropping it in water or a hard surface

Bro hug: a friendly embrace between two bros, I mean men
Cord cutter: a person who switches from cable or telephone service via wires to wireless services
Crazy (adverb): extremely (as in crazy fast)
Cryptocurrency: digital currency (like bitcoin)

Hate-watch: watching a television series, that is considered bad, only it to mock it
Hot mess: a thing or person that is amazingly chaotic or unsuccessful
Humblebrag: a modest or self-deprecating statement to draw attention to something (an achievement, quality, or object) that one is proud of
ICYMI: Textese for in case you missed it
Listicle: An Internet article that is a list (e.g., top ten list)
Side boob: The side of a woman’s breast as revealed by a wardrobe malfunction or simply skimpy clothing
Side-eye: A sideways glance that expresses scorn or disapproval
Snacky: a light meal or to fell slightly hungry
Subtweet: a tweet that is critical of someone without actually mentioning their name
Time suck: something that is a waste of time
Vape: an electronic cigarette; also as a verb: to smoke an e-cigarette
WDYT: Textese for what do you think?
YOLO: Textese for you only live once

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