One World Trade Center by the Numbers

atkins-bookshelf-cultureLike a phoenix, One World Trade Center rises from the heap of ashes and twisted metal of Ground Zero, looming over the Manhattan skyline — a soaring, elegant monument to those who tragically perished 13 years ago today. It belongs to New Yorkers who lost so much; but it also belongs to every American whose sense of peace and safety was shattered that day. In this sense, the majestic tower is a testament to the human spirit — man’s unshakeable faith, perseverance, and ingenuity. But as the fascinating documentary “16 Acres” (subtitled: Sacred Ground. Prime Real Estate. Battle Royale.”) revealed, building One World Trade Center was a Herculean — not to mention thorny — task: “The rebuilding of ground zero is one of the most architecturally, politically, and emotionally complex urban renewal projects in American history. From the beginning, the effort has been fraught with controversy, delays and politics. The struggle has encompassed eleven years, nineteen government agencies, a dozen projects and over $20 billion… At the heart of the story is the dramatic tension between noblest intentions, the desire of everyone involved to ‘get it right,’ and the politics, hubris, ego and ideology that is the bedrock of New York City.” Located on the corner of West Street and Vesey Street, the 1,776-foot building, built by 10,000 construction workers, is a indeed a marvel of engineering — providing an unprecedented level of strength, safety features, and sustainability in a skyscraper. Bookshelf honors the dedicated men and women who built America’s Tower to honor the fallen heroes of 9/11 by presenting the impressive numbers behind One World Trade Center.

Cost: $3.9 billion
Years to build: 8 (construction phase)
Number of construction workers: About 10,000
Number of fatalities: 0

Amount of steel used: 48,000 tons
Amount of concrete used: 208,00 cubic yards
Number of truckloads to deliver materials: 180,000
Strength of concrete: 14,00 psi (normal concrete: 3,000 psi; concrete in Hoover Dam: 7,000 psi)
Number of supporting underground columns: 27 (signed by construction workers and relatives of victims of 9/11)

Height: 1,776 feet
Number of stories: 104
Size of base: 200 square feet
Number of window panes: 12,774
Thickness of window panes: 2 inches (typical office windows are 1-inch thick)
Number of elevators: 71
Height of spire: 30 stories
Office space: 3 million square feet
Number of bulbs in beacon: 288 (50-watt LED)

Percentage of office space exposed to natural light: 90%
Percentage of lumber from sustainable forests: 55%
Percentage of construction waste that was recycled: 85%

See the 9/11 tribute poster here

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For further reading: Time Magazine: The Top of America: The Inside Story of Building One World Trade Center (March 17, 2014) by Josh Sanburn


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