What is the Longest One Syllable Word in English?

atkins-bookshelf-wordsFrom the corpus of about one million words in the English language, there are about a dozen words (mostly rare or obsolete) that vie for the longest one-syllable (monosyllable) words with 11 or 10 letters. Containing 9 letters are 10 more common words that curiously when read out loud form a rather challenging onomatopoeic tongue-twister.

11-letter monosyllable words:
squirrelled (11 letters) or squirreled (10 letters): To hide in a safe place.
broughammed: To travel by a four-wheeled horse drawn carriage (known as a brougham); Rhymes with “zoomed.”

10-letter monosyllable words:
schmaltzed: Evoked a sentimental atmosphere
scrootched: Crouched
scroonched: Squeezed
scraunched: Crunched
strengthed: To strengthen (obsolete)
thrutched: Pushed or squeezed into place

9-letter monosyllable words:

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For further reading: Crazy English by Richard Lederer, Pocket Books (1989)


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