What I Love About the Movies by Jude Law

atkins-bookshelf-moviesOver the past decade, the editors of Little White Lies, a British bimonthly magazine aimed at cinephiles, sat down with dozens of notable actors and directors for in-depth conversations about their life, work, and the film industry. At the end of the interview they sprang their jackpot — and signature — question: what do you love about the movies? Some of the most interesting thoughtful answers are collected in a beautifully designed book, featuring stunning typography and whimsical portraits, titled “What I Love About Movies” — a delight to behold and read for a  cinephile of any age.

Here is actor Jude Law’s response: “The escape. I was hooked by the cinema at a very, very young age. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on outside or what time of day it is, what kind of life point you’re at, you can slip into this darkened room and lose yourself and be taken places. It triggers the imagination which I think is the most powerful thing we have.”

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For further reading: What I Love About the Movies edited by David Jenkins and Adam Woodward, Opus (2014)

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