My Favorite Words — Robert Ludlum

atkins-bookshelf-wordsRobert Ludlum (1927-2001) was a successful American author of thriller novels. He wrote 27 novels (22 during his lifetime, 5 posthumously), including The Osterman Weekend (1972), The Bourne Identity (1980, the first of a trilogy), and The Prometheus Deception (2000), that sold more than 300 million copies. Before he turned to writing full-time, Ludlum was a U.S. Marine and a theatrical producer and actor. Ludlum selected three words as his favorites:

Dissembler: “Such a soft-sounding word that connotes such evil — which, I suspect, was why it was one of Shakespeare’s favorites in the area of villainy.”

Savant: “It conveys a person of overwhelming yet mysterious access to knowledge. Fascinating!”

Resplendent: “Roget’s [Thesaurus] gives it three classifications: bright, gorgeous, illustrious. I think it’s all three and then some. For me it also speaks of posture, dignity, even morality in the best sense.”

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