What I Love About the Movies by Philip Seymour Hoffman


“I think that there’s something that touches you when you go to the movies. There’s something that happens when you’re in a dark room watching something that has a certain impact on you that reaches a very deep, subconscious part of you. It’s incredible. It stays with you a long time. I think that’s why when you go back and watch a film that you loved from when you were younger it’s never quite the same experience. Even though it’s the exact same film. In the theatre [watching a play] you’re not in a dark room and there’s a sense of interaction that you don’t get with being in a cinema. It’s a very communal experience, but cinema is isolated, it’s just for you and it affects you on a much deeper level in that sense.”

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For further reading: What I Love About the Movies edited by David Jenkins and Adam Woodward, Opus (2014)

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