What Famous Authors Named Their Pets

atkins-bookshelf-literatureWriting is a such a solitary endeavor. However, many writers have found that furry companions, like cats and dogs, have the ideal disposition to sit by them — quietly, patiently — as they toil away at their writing desks. Some pets have even influenced literature by nobly serving as muses. Curiously, Dickens favored a raven over dogs or cats. Bookshelf presents a list of names that famous writers have bestowed upon their beloved pets.

Alley Cat: Ernest Hemingway’s cat
Apollinaris: Mark Twain’s cat
Becky: E. L. Doctorow’s dog

Beezlebub: Mark Twain’s other cat
Beppo: Lord Byron’s cat
Beppo: Jorge Luis Borges’s cat

Boatswain: Lord Byron’s dog
Charley: John Steinbeck’s dog

Chopin: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s cat
Cobby: Thomas Hardy’s cat
Flush: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s dog
Frodo: Robert Penn Warren’s Dog

George Pushdragon: T.S. Eliot’s cat
Grip: Charles Dickens’s raven
Herman: Maurice Sendak’s dog

Keeper: Emily Bronte’s dog
Minnie: E. B. White’s dog
Nothing: Jean-Paul Satre’s cat
Pinka: Virginia Woolf’s dog

Pumpkin: Kurt Vonnegut’s dog
Rollo: Jack London’s dog

Sabbath: Tennessee Williams’s cat
Satellite: Jules Verne’s dog
Taki: Raymond Chandler’s dog
Tyke: Jack Kerouac’s cat

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