Funniest Town Names in America

atkins-bookshelf-trivia“The world is filled with places offering recreation, cultural opportunities and names that are as funny as shit” notes intrepid traveler Quentin Parker in his hilarious little tome, Welcome to Horneytown, North Carolina. (Ironically, Horneytown only has a population of 15.) You can just imagine the mayor of any of these towns, proclaiming “I am proud to be the mayor of [town name]!” Most likely those mayors would not appreciate being included in Parker’s book; as a preemptive measure, he has placed a warning early in the book: “Do not read this book if you reside in or any of the following places:”

Bald Knob, Arkansas
Belchertown, Massachusetts
Big Ugly Creek, West Virginia
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
Boring, Oregon
Busti, New York
Butternuts, New York
Buttzville, New Jersey

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For further reading: Welcome to Horneytown, North Carolina: An A to Z Tour Through 201 of the World’s Weirdest and Wildest Places (2010).

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