Candy Corn Trivia

atkins-bookshelf-triviaAccording the National Confectioners Association, Americans will be spending about $2.6 billion on Halloween candies in 2015. Sweet! Not surprisingly, America’s favorite candy is chocolate (accounting for 70% of sales), followed by a holiday favorite: candy corn (13%). Coming in at second place, candy corn still brings in a sweet reward for confectioners: more than $33.8 million. Not too bad for a little kernel of sugar. One of the unique features of this candy is that it can be worn as decoration (in a necklace or earrings); moreover it makes great vampire fangs. To honor this seasonal holiday classic, October 30, the day before Halloween, has been designated National Candy Corn Day. Bookshelf presents candy corn trivia for diehard fans of every stripe.

Candy corn was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Starting in 1898, the candy was manufactured by the Goelitz Candy Company (known as the Jelly Belly Company since 2001). Another large manufacturer of the ubiquitous tri-colored candy is the Brach’s Candy Company.

Candy manufacturers will produce more than 35 million pounds of candy corn for Halloween — a total of 9 billion pieces.

Each kernel, mimicking the shape of kernels of corn, has three colors: white, orange and yellow. It is made from a blend of sugar and corn syrup, then the sugar and gelatin are stirred with air, followed by addition of a fondant and coloring. The sugary mix is melted and injected into individual molds, ejected, cooled, polished (with confectioner’s wax) and placed in bags.

Each kernel of Brach’s candy corn contains 7.4 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 3.7 grams of sodium, and 1.5 grams of sugars.

The average candy corn is 25mm tall, 14 mm wide at the base, and weights 28 grams (about .1 oz.).

42.7 percent of people eat the white part of a candy corn first. 10% of people eat the yellow base first.

An unopened bag of candy corn should last about nine months. An opened bag will last about 3-6 months.

Thanks to brand extension, candy corn is available for several holidays: Indian Corn for Thanksgiving, Reindeer Corn for Christmas, Cupid Corn for Valentine’s Day, Bunny Corn for Easter, and Freedom Corn for the Fourth of July. 

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