Day Jobs of Famous Musicians

atkins bookshelf musicBefore they packed concert halls and stadiums around the globe, many musicians held rather typical, boring — and sometimes very unusual jobs — early in their careers to make ends meet. They went from humble jobs that paid a few dollars an hour to being worth up to $700 million dollars. Not a bad career path. The inspirational lesson here is: early jobs in life should not define you — nor limit you; dream big. Here is a list of famous musicians and the jobs they had before they became famous and successful.

Beyonce: hair salon worker
David Bowie: delivery boy for a butcher
Johnny Cash: military code breaker
Elvis Costello: data entry clerk
Eminem: short order cook
Art Garfunkel: math teacher
Deborah Harry: Playboy bunny at the Playboy club
Mick Jagger: porter at a psychiatric hospital
Cyndi Lauper: dog kennel cleaner
Courtney Love: stripper in Hollywood
Mark Knopfler: reporter

Madonna: server at a Dunkin Donuts
Freddie Mercury: sold artwork and used clothing at a market stall
Moby: golf caddy
Alanis Morisette: envelope stuffer
Ozzy Osbourne: worked in a slaughterhouse
Pink: worked at a McDonalds
Elvis Presley: truck driver
Patti Smith: toy factory worker
Gwen Stafani: server at a Dairy Queen
Ringo Starr: machinist at a factory
Rod Stewart: gravedigger
Sting: schoolteacher
Tom Waits: cook at a pizza restaurant
Kanye West: sales assistant at GAP store





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