Writers’ Deaths that are Stranger than Fiction

atkins bookshelf triviaImaginative writers come up with such clever ways to kill off a character in their novels. Ironically, some writers never imagined that they would meet their untimely death in a way that can best be described as “stranger than fiction.” Here is how some famous writers died in rather unusual ways:

Dan Andersson: Died from inhaling hydrogen cyanide used for a bedbug extermination procedure.

Roland Barthes: Was killed by a laundry van that hit him while he was crossing a street.

Albert Camus: Died when his car hit a tree; it was a bright, sunny day on a straight road with no other cars involved.

Zelda Fitzgerald: Died in a fire that occurred at the sanitarium where she was a patient.

Edgar Allan Poe: Poe was found lying in the gutter in a semi-conscious state; he was wearing ill-fitting and worn-out clothes belonging to another person.

Tennessee Williams: Died when he choked on the cap from a bottle of eye drops. Really.

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2 responses to “Writers’ Deaths that are Stranger than Fiction

  • Cathy746books

    I never knew that about Tennesse Williams! Fascinating!

    • Alexander Atkins

      It’s kind of an embarrassing way to check out. Apparently Williams was addicted to barbiturates and alcohol. He was so concerned about getting rid of red eye, he should have been more concerned that the drugs suppressed his gag reflex. When the cap accidentally fell into his open mouth, it lodged in his throat and killed him.

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