Bookstores Are Full of Stories

atkins-bookshelf-booksIn today’s world of online retail, ebooks and e-readers, are bookstores still relevant? Jen Campbell, who works at an antiquarian bookstore, believes the answer is an emphatic yes. Her delightful book, The Bookshop Book, is a homage to 300 bookstores on six different continents that have weathered the sweeping changes in the book industry. “Bookshops are full of stories,” explains Campbell. “Not just stores on shelves, but those hidden away. There are the stories of bookstore owners, and all the books they read that made them fall in love reading. There are the stories of authors, and why they wrote their first book. There are stories of second-hand books, and all the people who owned them. And there’s the story of every single customer who walks through the door. We all love stories, with their sense of mystery and adventure.” Indeed, bookstores are relevant because they are full of stories that want to be heard. Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day and visit a local bookstore near you today.

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