Most Searched Out-of-Print Books in 2015

atkins-bookshelf-booksWhen bibliophiles are hunting for their Holy Grail, many times and will not suffice; at that point, many turn to, an independent subsidiary of AbeBooks, which in turn is owned by (as of 2008). Bookfinder is able to search the inventories of more than 150,000 independent booksellers from more than 50 countries around the world, giving the bibliophile instant access to more than 150 million books. Once a book is found, the customer can buy the book directly from the original bookseller without having to pay Bookfinder a fee.

In 2015, book lovers were on the hunt for 10 very diverse titles: horror novels, romance, sports, and two art instruction books. Quite frankly, it is a very random list. Surprisingly, not a single great literary classic appears in the list (seriously, no Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, Hardy, Dumas?). If this list represents what America is reading, we’re in deep trouble — but at least a society that implodes will contain some lovely watercolor paintings that capture just the right atmosphere and mood.

In 2015 two carryovers from last year’s list are Madonna’s Sex (everyone buys it for the very cool shiny aluminum covers, right?) and Stephen King’s Rage moving up to the top of the list.

1. Sex (1992) by Madonna
2. Rage (1977) by Stephen King
3. Unintended Consequences (1996) by John Ross
4. Promise Me Tomorrow (1984) by Nora Roberts
5. Alla Prima: Everything I know About Painting (2013) by Richard Schmid
6. Finding the Winning Edge (1997) by Bill Walsh
7. The Vision and Beyond, Prophecies Fulfilled and Still to Come (2003) by David Wilkerson
8. Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual (1988) by Bill Mollison
9. Halloween (1979) by Curtis Richards
10. Mastering Atmosphere & Mood in Watercolor (2002) by Joseph Zbukvic

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