Words for Collectors 2

atkins-bookshelf-wordsPaul Dickson, a prolific author of books on words, has been collecting words for decades. The most common form of describing a person who collects something specific is to say: “He is a stamp collector” or “He is a baseball collector.” But to a word collector and lover, like Dickson, what is the fun in that? (By the way, a stamp collector is philatelist; a baseball card collector is a cartophile). Dickson, a self-confessed lexiconophilist, has even coined a term for the collection of collections: “philophily.” Unfortunately for Dickson, that word never made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. Below is a collection of some words that are indeed part of the English lexicon to describe different types of collectors, no matter how obscure:

Arenophile: beach sand
Brandophilist: cigar bands

Entredentolignumologist: toothpick boxes
Exlibrist: bookplates

Falerist: medals, badges, and pins
Grabatologist: neckties
Helixophile: corkscrews
Iconophile: book illustrations or engravings

Labeorphilist: beer bottles
Lotologist: lottery tickets
Pannapictagraphist: comic books
Paroemiographer: proverbs

Scutelliphile: souvenir patches and badges
Sucrologist: sugar packets
Tyrosemiophile: cheese labels

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Words for Collectors

For further reading: Words by Paul Dickson, Delacorte Press (1982)

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