Day Jobs of Famous Actors

atkins-bookshelf-moviesBefore they walked down the red carpet amidst flashing strobe lights and clamoring paparazzi to attend a movie premiere, many famous actors had ordinary, mundane jobs. Walk into any Los Angeles restaurant and you will most likely encounter budding actors, screenwriters, directors, and producers who are in service jobs to make ends meet — waiting for that elusive big break. And for the few that make the sacrifices holding humble jobs, when they do get their big break, it is well worth it since some will go from making minimum wage to $300 million per year or more. Here are some actors and the jobs they had before becoming famous and wealthy.

Tim Allen: drug dealer
Jennifer Aniston: bike messenger
Annette Bening: charter boat cook
Sandra Bullock: waitress and bartender

Steve Buscemi: NYC fireman
Jim Carrey: janitor at a factory
George Clooney: shoe salesman
Sean Connery: coffin polisher
Tom Cruise: hotel bell hop
Johnny Depp: telemarketer selling pens

Harrison Ford: carpenter
James Gandolfini: bouncer
Lucy Liu: waitress
Rachel McAdams: McDonald’s cashier

Liam Neeson: forklift driver
Brad Pitt: danced in chicken suit for El Pollo Loco 

Michelle Pfeiffer: supermarket cashier
Sylvester Stallone: PE teacher
Billy Bob Thornton: McDonald’s manager

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