You Are Absolutely Unique

atkins bookshelf quotationsAlways remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

The quote appears is often attributed to anthropologist Margaret Mead, although there is no supporting evidence. Another variant for the quote is: “Always remember that you are totally unique. Just like everyone else.” The earliest variant of this quote appeared in a book review by Jim Wright (The Dallas Morning News, March 13, 1971). In his review of the book, The Greening of America by Charles Reich, Wright wrote: “In other words, the Yale professor’s best-selling work answers the burning question that every teen-age youth revolutionary is asking today: ‘How can I be unique just like everybody else?'” So how did this quote get attributed to Mead in the first place? The quote was first attributed to Mead as “Meade’s Maxim” [note the different spelling of Mead] in the reference work, 1,001 Logical Laws, Accurate Axioms, Profound Principles, Trusty Truisms, Homey Homilies, Colorful Corollaries, Quotable Quotes, and Rambunctious Ruminations for All Walks of Life by John Peers, published in 1979. The same quote is attributed to Mead as “Mead’s Distinction” in Paul Dickson’s The Official Rules published in 2013.

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For further reading: The Official Rules: 5,427 Laws, Principals, and Axioms by Paul Dickson (2013)

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