Lego by the Numbers

atkins bookshelf triviaOle Christiansen began making wooden toys in 1932 and expanded his line of toys to include plastic interlocking bricks that evolved to the colorful bricks now known as Lego (from the Danish leg godt, meaning “play well”) bricks. Almost 70 years later the Lego brand is ubiquitous  — seen in stores, movies, video games, commercials — or even worse, stepping on one barefoot. Here is a brief look at Lego by the numbers:

Lego bricks produced since 1958: 600 billion (as of Feb 2015)

Lego bricks produced per year: 19 billion (2.16 million per hour)

Number of minifigures produced since 1978: 5 billion

Different types of Lego parts made: 6,800

Miniature tires produced each year: 306 million

Lego sets produced per year: 130

Time to develop a themed set: 12 months

Lego pieces in largest set: 6,000 for the Taj Mahal

Children that played with Lego sets in 2015: 85 million

Best-selling Lego sets sold: Lego Windstorms Robotics Invention System, 1 million+

Lego bricks rejected due to quality issues: 18 out of every 1 million

Colors of original bricks: 2 (red and white)

Colors of bricks available today: 55

Ways that six 2×4 bricks can be combined: 915,103,765

Dioramas built by Brendan Powell Smith for his book, The Brick Bible: 3,600

Cost of a life-size lego sculpture of a yourself (or any person) by brick artist Nathan Sawata: $60,000

Most expensive Lego brick: $14,450 for a 2×4 Lego commemorative piece made out of solid gold

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