What is the Longest English Word Without Repeated Letters?

atkins bookshelf wordsWord lovers (also known as logophiles, logophiliacs, workaholics, word fanatics, word nuts, logolepts, or verbivores) enjoy mining the vast English lexicon of almost 1 million words to find those that set word (pun intended) records — the longest words, the shortest words, the words with letters in alphabetical order, etc. Many times, the words that break word records are everyday words, for example “almost” is the longest English word with all letters in alphabetical order; however, the longest word in the dictionary is a rare medical term: “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” (45 letters).

The longest word in the English language without repeating any letter is “subdermatoglyphic,” a medical term, containing 17 letters. There are two words that contain 15 letters: “uncopyrightable,” and “misconjugatedly.”

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For further reading: Making the Alphabet Dance by Ross Eckler St. Martin’s Press (1996)
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