Unusual College Courses

atkins-bookshelf-educationAccording to the College Board, the average cost of tuition is for a four-year private college is $129,620. At that price, every class unit is extremely valuable. But college students — not always the most savvy consumers — favor easier courses (with the promise of a better grade) over substantial, more challenging classes. College students have a euphemism for courses like that: “underwater basket weaving.” Most often, classes like that begin in the late afternoon to accommodate the nocturnal undergraduate lifestyle. To fill that need, colleges across the country offer some rather unusual courses. And parents know that “unusual” is a euphemism for “wasteful.” Here are some unusual college courses (name of course, followed by college):

The American Vacation (University of Iowa)

Cyberporn and Society (State University of New York)

Daytime Serials: Family and Social Roles (University of Wisconsin)

Fat Studies (George Washington University)

Fly Fishing (University of Montana)

How to Watch Televison (Montclair State)

Joy of Garbage (Santa Clara University)

Lada Gaga and the Sociology of Fame (University of South Carolina)

Learning from YouTube (Pitzer College)

Maple Syrup: The Real Thing (Alfred University)

“Oh, Look, a Chicken!” Embracing Distraction as a Way of Knowing (Belmont University)

The Phallus (Occidental College)

Philosophy and Star Trek (Georgetown)

Politicizing Beyonce (Rutgers)

Popular Flops: Bad Movies (Tufts)

The Physics of Star Trek (Santa Clara University)

The Science of Harry Potter (University of Maryland)

The Science of Super Heroes (UC Irvine)

The Sociology of Myley Cyrus (Skidmore College)

Strategy of StarCraft (UC Berkeley)

Things that Go Bump in the Night (Hampshire College)

Tightwaddery, or the Good Life on a Dollar a Day (Alfred University)

Wasting Time on the Internet (The University of Pennsylvania)

Wordplay: A Wry Plod from Babel to Scrabble (Princeton University)

Underwater Basket Weaving (Reed College)

Zombies in Popular Media (Columbia College)

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For further reading: https://trends.collegeboard.org/college-pricing/figures-tables/average-published-undergraduate-charges-sector-2015-16



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