Find Your Passion

atkins-bookshelf-movies“If you really want something you gotta work for it. Greed doesn’t take you anywhere good…

Do you love [what you are doing now]? Be honest with yourself. [If not, ask youself] what do you love so much that you would do it for free?”

Spoken by Edward Collins, an avuncular short-order cook in the film Waffle Street (2015). The film, based on the memoir Waffle Street (2010) by James Adams, chronicles the life of a successful hedge fund manager who is fired for doing exactly what his bosses wanted him to do: maximize profits. Adams feels guilty for selling junk bonds to a client; the client would lose millions of dollars, but the firm would reap millions. Although the transaction was legal, deep down he knew that it was unethical. Adams looks for redemption by doing honest work, working as a server at a busy 24-hour diner. It is humbling, hard work but at the end of the day, he respects himself. Collins, played by Danny Glover, is an affable ex-con who loves to grill waffles; over time he becomes a mentor and friend, helping Adams to find his true passion.

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