What is an Auto-Antonym?

atkins bookshelf wordsGlad you asked. An auto-antonym is a word that has two contradictory meanings; that is to say, it means one thing as well as the exact opposite of that first meaning. Because of this, depending on how the auto-antonym is used in a sentence, it can create an ambiguous sentence. For example: She was very good at dusting. Dusting can mean removing fine particles (as in dusting the furniture) or adding fine particles (as in dusting a cake). Here is a list of the most common auto-antonyms in English.

1. Quick
2. Firmly

1. Standard
2. Completely new

1. To cut or trim
2. To attach

1. A typical practice
2. Intended for a specialized purpose

1. To supervise
2. To make a mistake

1. Good enough
2. Very nice

1. To fasten
2. To come apart or collapse

1. To separate two things
2. To cling

1. Legal tender
2. An invoice

1. To fasten
2. To run quickly

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For further reading: The Book of Word Records by Asher Cantrell (2013)

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