Fowl Language

atkins bookshelf wordsJust like birds of a feather flock together, words related to birds mock together; that is to say they form an aviary of words that subtly ridicule the qualities of certain fowl. Hence, it is appropriate to refer to the following words as fowl language:

Albatross: a burden

Buzzard: an old person

Chicken: a coward

Cold turkey: to end something abruptly

Coot: an old person

Crow: very confident

Cuckoo: a crazy person

Dodo: a dumb person

Dove: opponent of war

Eagle-eyed: sharp sight

Early bird: a person who arrives, rises, or acts before the expected time

Grouse: to complain

Hawk: supporter of war

Henpecked: a husband that is often criticized by his wife 

Lame duck: politician serving his or her last term

Lark: a fun adventure

Loon: a crazy person

Night owl: a person who stays up late at night

Parrot: to repeat another person’s words

Stool pigeon: a snitch


Vulture: a person who exploits others

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For further reading: The Play of Words by Richard Lederer (1990)

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