Best-Selling Books by the Numbers

atkins-bookshelf-booksWhat do all best-selling books have in common? That’s what inspired the curious folks at Daily Infographic to place books under the microscope for analysis. Their infographic, titled “The Anatomy of a Best-Selling Book” is filled with fascinating insights into bestsellers and the book publishing industry. The average bestseller is a romance book with a female protagonist; she is often a lawyer or detective, and the book’s setting is the U.S. Here are some other highlights of best-selling books and book publishing:

Average length of best-selling book: 375 pages
Average number of words per sentence: 9.7 (2005) vs. 23.2 (1811)
Highest grossing genre: Romance – $1.44 billion
Percentage of bestsellers that are romance books: 25% (2012)
Percentage of e-books that are romance books: 40%
Value of publishing industry in U.S.: $27.98 billion (2014)
Percentage of largest book publishing markets in the world: 60% (U.S., China, Germany, Japan, France, and U.K.) 
Numbers of books (all formats) sold in U.S. annually: 2.7 billion (2014)
Percentage of printed vs digital books sold: 80% print; 20% e-books
Median author’s advance: $10,000
Amount publishers spend to market a book: $20,000
Royalty rates from publishers: 7 to 25%
Percentage that writers keep on self-published e-books: 70% (Amazon)

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