How Long Does it Take to Scroll to Bottom of Excel Spreadsheet?

atkins bookshelf triviaWhen you open up a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet you will notice that unlike most programs that have a predefined page size, the spreadsheet seems to have an infinite size. Ever wonder how long it would take to scroll to the very bottom of an Excel spreadsheet? Curious minds want to know.

Proving that college students have way too much time on their hands, Hunter Hobbs, a graduate from the University of Oklahoma, sat in front of a computer manually scrolling (continuously pressing the down arrow key) to reach the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet (version 12, if you must know). Hobbs, thinking that this could be a defining moment in his career, recorded the entire endeavor on YouTube; it begins with his confession: “This is probably the dumbest idea ever, but, hey, somebody’s gotta do it.” So how long did it take? It took 9 hours, 36 minutes, and 10 seconds to reach the final row — row number 1,048,576 — of the spreadsheet. Of course, mindful of the old adage that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” Hobbs spent some of that time reading, making phone calls, playing paddle ball, and drinking lots of energy drinks — and surprisingly, never took a bathroom break. However, if you want to skip the 9.5 hour ordeal, you can reach the end of the spreadsheet by simply pressing the control key and down arrow key at the same time — but what is the point of that?

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