Literary Connections: John Steinbeck and Madison Square Garden

atkins bookshelf triviaWhat is the connection between John Steinbeck and Madison Square Garden, located in New York City? Steinbeck helped build it. In the 1930s, Steinbeck worked as a hod carrier (also known as a hoodie), transporting concrete along the scaffolding that wrapped around Madison Square Garden (also known as “MSG” or simply “The Garden”) as it was being constructed. After a long day, he might be thinking “the hods of wrath.” Incidentally, a hod is a v-shaped open trough made of wood with a short wooden pole. When the trough is filled, the hoodie tips it over his shoulder and carries it, holding the pole with his hand (sort of like tossing a bag of potatoes over your shoulder). Hoodies use hods to transport bricks, mortar, and concrete on construction sites.

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