Words Related to Trump

atkins bookshelf wordsIn a short period of time, President Donald Trump and his daily tweets — many filled with ad hominem attacks, accusations, and alternative views and facts — has baffled, exasperated, and outraged both parties, political pundits, not to mention people across the nation and around the globe. But a review of all the Trump-related words leads one to the inevitable conclusion that the man is simply living up to his name. And even more interestingly (or disturbingly, depending on your point of view), Trump is trying to out trump Trump. Take a look at the list of trump words and you be the judge.

trump (noun): a trumpet or trumpet blast

trump (verb): to beat someone by doing or saying something

trumps: the suit having the rank above the others in a particular hand

trump card: a valuable resource that can only be used once, especially as a surprise, in order to gain a distinct advantage 

trump something up: to invent a false accusation

trumped-up: false or fabricated

trumpery: something that is of little worth or quality; something that is fraudulent

trumpet (noun): a brass musical instrument with a flared bell and a loud, penetrating tone

trumpet (verb): to proclaim loudly or widely

trumpet call: a rousing summons to take action

Individually or taken as a whole, the aforementioned words and phrases are apt descriptions of Trump. But there is something oddly familiar about Trump, as if he stepped out of a Dickens novel. Indeed, the man is so overwhelmingly Dickensian — a jumble of odd characteristics (the large frame with small hands, the jutting eyebrows, steely eyes, the pursed lips revealing clenched overbleached teeth, orange complexion, and the dramatic combover that turns into a golden jagged sail at the slightest breeze), idiosyncrasies, distinctive hand gestures, and cadence that provide great fodder for parody and ridicule by comedians, editorial cartoonists, and pundits. And just like some of Dickens’ greatest characters (think Fagin, Scrooge, Havisham, Marley, Pickwick, Podsnap, and Uriah Heep), Trump, through his actions and words, has unwittingly defined his own word — Trumpian. The word will undoubtedly endure far longer than his rocky and controversial administration.

Trumpian: resembling the the style, rhetoric, and philosophy of Donald Trump; a person who possesses some or all of the following traits: avaricious, belligerent, boastful, bombastic, capricious, demagogic, dictatorial, hypocritical, impulsive, intimidating, misogynistic, narcissistic, perfidious, petulant, pretentious, reckless, self-righteous, self-destructive, thin-skinned, undisciplined, untrustworthy, vain, and vengeful

Related words: Trumpish, Trumpesque

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