The People Behind the Most Famous Voices You Hear Every Day

atkins bookshelf triviaIt’s safe to say you hear their voices every day — if you own an iPhone, you know the voice of Siri. If you drive using a GPS, you have heard “Recalculating route” numerous times. If you watch television you have heard the Geico Gecko. If you listen to radio, you have heard a woman encouraging you to “Live well and thrive.” So who are the voice actors behind these familiar voices? Here is a list of the most famous voices and the voice-over artists behind them:

Siri (USA, female): Susan Bennett

Siri (UK, male): Jon Biggs

Garmin GPS: Karen Jacobsen

Geico Gecko: Jake Wood

Tony the Tiger: Thurl Ravenscroft

“You’ve Got Mail”: Elwood Edwards

Movie trailers: “In a world…”: Don Lafontaine

Tootsie Roll Owl: Charles Winchell

“If You’d Like to Make a Call”: Jane Barbe

“Your call has been forwarded”: Lorraine Nelson

“Stand clear of the closing door” (New York Subway): Charlie Pellett

“Hello and welcome to Moviefone”: Russ Leatherman

Duracell commercials: Jeff Bridges

“Live well and thrive “Kaiser Permanente commercials: Allison Janney

Coors and Dodge Ram commercials: Sam Elliott

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