Top Ten Insults Using Archaic Words

atkins bookshelf wordsTo help people arm themselves against a sea of verbal slings and arrows in the digital world (people on social media can be so mean, as you know), the clever folks at have stepped back into time a century to resurrect archaic words (many that sound Shakespearean) that make excellent comebacks. Next time you feel insulted, toss one of these wonderfully-sounding insults their way. You will feel vindicated and best of all — they won’t know what hit them:

bedswerver: an adulterer

fopdoodle: a person of little significance

gnashnab: someone who just complains all the time

gobermouch: a person who likes to meddle in other people’s business

klazomaniac: someone who can only speak by shouting

scobblelotcher: someone who avoids hard work as if were their job

snoutband: a person who always interrupts a conversation to correct or contradict the person speaking

stampcrab: a clumsy person

whiffle-whaffler: a person who wastes lots of time

zounderkite: an idiot

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