How Much Do You Love Your Pet?

atkins bookshelf triviaWhen it comes to Americans and their pets, it is truly a love story for the ages — and the wallets. Pet owners are very generous with their affection; according to the American Pet Products Association, in 2016 Americans spent more than $63 billion on their pets. And there is a lot of love to go around — about 54% of households in the U.S. own a dog (about 78 million dogs) and 43% of households own a cat (about 85.8 million cats). Dog lovers, in particular, view their dogs as actual members of their families (i.e., the dogs appear in family portraits and their name is signed on greeting cards). In honor of National Puppy Day, here is a statistical snapshot of how much Americans love their dogs:

Throw birthday parties for their dogs: 1%

Talk to their dogs on the phone: 33%

Allow their dog to sleep in bed at night: 42%*

Buy their dogs Christmas gifts: 55%

Walk their dog every day: 56%

Include their dogs in family portraits: 58%

Have a coat or sweater to keep their dogs warm: 60%

Sign their dogs names to holiday and greeting cards: 70%

Curl up with their dog to watch television: 87%

Give their dog treats every day: 88%

Speak to a puppy using high-pitched baby talk: 100%

*In a survey, Novosbed, a mattress company, found that 71% of pet owners let their pets (dogs and cats) sleep in bed with them. 43% let their pet sleep with them every night; 5% grant that privilege only when their significant other is out of town. 52% of pets sleep at their owners’ feet, while 23% of pets sleep right next to their owners. 14% of pet owners let their pets sleep under the covers; 11% share their pillows.

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