Funny Names of Real People

atkins bookshelf wordsIn his book, Bertha Venation, retired editor Larry Ashmead, who worked at Simon and Schuster and Doubleday, shares his entertaining collection of funny and strange names of real people. A collector of names is called an appellationist (a new word introduced by Bookshelf back in September 2016). Like fellow appellationist, John Train, Ashmead has always been fascinated by names. Below are some interesting names from the chapter titled, “Did I hear that right? Say these names out loud and blush.” Some of these make you wonder: what were the parents thinking?:

Dick Byter

Anita Dick

Sheila Dikshit

Becky Fuchs

Dick Hartup

Barbara Fatt Heinie

Jay Heiny

Phat Ho

Jason Panty

Janet Woodcock

Phuc Yu

What funny real names have you come across?

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For further reading: Bertha Venation by Larry Ashmead

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