A Mashup of Minds: Kim Kardashian and Soren Kierkegaard

alex atkins bookshelf cultureWhat happens when you mashup the thoughts of Kim Kardashian, the poster girl of superficiality, narcissism, banality, self-promotion, and consumerism, with Soren Kierkegaard, the poster boy of existentialism, Christian ethics, and Christian love? You get the humorous and insightful tweets of KimKierkegaardashian, a parody account. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition on so many levels: Kardashian the iconic beautify gracing countless magazine covers, with an insatiable thirst for publicity (and more than 51 million Twitter followers!); as opposed to Kierkegaard the pensive, withdrawn hunchback, who preferred being alone with his thoughts. Despite these dramatic differences, they both have something to say about the human condition. However, in the twitter universe the beauty or value of those ruminations is with the beholder. Here are some sample tweets that make the Danish philosopher relevant again and add a hint of intelligence to Kim’s vacuous tweets:

When I was very young, a barb of sorrow was lodged in my heart. I wanted everything short and low-cut. My look’s a little sleeker now.

New merch available now. Because you are like children, Christianity permits you for the time being to enjoy these early things.

What our age lacks is not reflection, but passion. And so my leather legging addiction continues.

Glamour, menswear, top hat… I stick my finger into existence and it smells of nothing.

Each individual fights for himself, with himself, within himself, in order to free himself before God. I’m gonna be sooo sore tomorrow!

God grant me peace from my foolish earthly desires, my wild longings, the anxious hungers of my heart. I’m craving fro yo so badly.

Just got the best spray tan! There is indescribable joy which glows through us unaccountably.

I scarcely recognize myself. My mind is  like a turbulent sea. I was testing new mascara!

The unhappy person is one for whom the content of life lies outside the self. Can’t wait to go to Miami this weekend!

Why bother detoxing? You bring to your asceticism the same passion for minute trivialities that guided your addiction to pleasure.

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For further reading: https://twitter.com/KimKierkegaard


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