Rare Names of Baby Animals

alex atkins bookshelf wordsEveryone knows the name for a baby dog (puppy) and a cat (kitten) — and who doesn’t love adorable puppies and kittens… But we digress. In the English language, notorious for its idiosyncrasies, you will not be surprised to learn that there are several names for baby animals (or their young) that are quite rare, and perhaps a little strange; for example, a baby hare is a leveret; a baby cockroach is a nymph; a baby hawk is an eyas, and a baby salmon is a smolt. Next time you turn on the kitchen light and see baby cockroaches scattering about, impress someone by yelling out “Oh, look at all those frightened nymphs running for cover!” Be prepared for an Anderson Cooperesque eyeroll (Google it, if you don’t know get the allusion). Here is a list of some rare and common names of baby animals. How many do you know? (name of animal, followed by specific baby animal or youth name):

antelope, calf

badger, cub

bear, cub / whelp

beaver, kit

bobcat, kitten

buffalo, calf

camel, calf

caribou, fawn

cat, kitten

cattle, calf

chicken, chick

cockroach, nymph

cougar, kitten

coyote, puppy

deer, fawn

dog, puppy / pup / whelp

duck, duckling

eagle, eaglet

eel, elver

elephant, calf

elk, calf

falcon, eyas

ferret, kit

fish, fry

fox, cub / kit

frog, tadpole / polliwog

giraffe, calf

goat, kid

goose, gosling

grasshopper, nymph

hare, leveret

hartebeest, calf

hawk, chick / eyas

horse, foal / colt / filly

kangaroo, joey

leopard, cub

lion, cub / whelp

mink, kit

owl, owlet

oyster, spat

peafowl, peachick

pheasant, chick

pig, piglet/ porkling / gilt  /  shoat

pigeon, squab / squeaker

pike, pickerel

possum, joey

rabbit, kitten

rat, pup

rhinoceros, calf

roe deer, kid

salmon, parr / smolt

seal, calf / pup

sheep, lamb

skunk, kitten

spider, spiderling

swan, cygnet

termite, nymph

tick, nymph

tiger, cub / whelp

toad, tadpole

wallaby, joey

walrus, cub

weasel, kit

whale, calf

wolf, cub / pup / whelp

zebra, foal

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For further reading: http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2011/05/baby-animal-names/

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