Weird Phobias You Didn’t Even Know Existed

alex atkins bookshelf wordsLet’s face it, people are incredibly idiosyncratic creatures. Assemble a large group of people and you will find many of them share a common phobia, like nomophobia (fear of being without a mobile phone or not having mobile phone coverage), acrophobia (fear of heights), arachnophobia (fear of spiders), or mysophobia (aka “germaphobes,” fear of germs). But that is just the tip of the anxiety disorder iceberg. Beneath the surface of this giant iceberg are dozens of truly weird and rare phobias — or seemingly common phobias that you didn’t even know had a name. Next time, you are with a group of people see if they have any of these:

abibliophobia: fear of running out of things to read

allodoxaphobia: fear of opinions

anuptaphobia: fear of being single

aulophobia: fear of flutes

consecotaleophobia: fear of chopsticks

coulrophobia: fear of clowns

deipnophobia: fear of dinner parties

ephebiphobia: fear of youth

genuphobia: fear of knees

hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia: fear of the number 666

ithyphallophobia: fear of an erect penis

monologophobia: fear of using a word more than once in a single paragraph or sentence.

ombrophobia: fear of rain

omphalophobia: fear of belly buttons

oneirogmophobia: fear of wet dreams

papaphobia: fear of the pope

peladophobia: fear of bald people

philophobia: fear of falling in love

phobophobia: fear of phobias

pogonophobia: fear of beards

porphyrophobia: fear of the color purple

sciaphobia: fear of shadows

scriptophobia: fear of writing in public

samhnainophobia: fear of Halloween

selenophobia: fear of the moon

sesquipedalophobia: fear of long words

triskaidekaphobia: fear of the number 13

trypophobia: fear of holes

turophobia: fear of cheese

uranophobia: fear of heaven

venustraphobia: fear of beautiful women

xanthophobia: fear of the color yellow

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